“So thankful to have the opportunity to work in this absolutely phenomenal city we call "Pismodise." Roger Wightman, General Manager/Sandcaste Inn

Our Pismodise promotional winner:  "I grew up in Pismo and went to school in the area from 5th grade to HS graduation. Pismo was always a great beach town. As a kid it’s the care free days at the beach, eating at the snack shack (long gone), bogie boarding and playing so hard each day that you could eat the world and sleep like a log. To say Pismo is a special area is under kill...most family memories I had as a kid were in Pismo." Chris A. - Paso Robles, CA

"PISMODISE is not ONLY a brand, it's a state of mind!   Put your Pismodise T-shirt and cap on, and go there often!"  Beach Bill - Pismo Beach, CA

WOW!  We love your PISMODISE idea of Pismo Beach and paradise!  With your shirts, caps, and other products, we buy them for ourselves and as gifts for our friends from out of the area! We look forward to more Pismodise gear in the future!  KEEP  IT GOING!  Pismo is paradise, and paradise is Pismodise!   Cindy S. - Pismo Beach, CA

To PismoPat of Pismodise:  My husband received two Pismodise shirts, one black and one white, that he constantly wears!  The white shirt is his everyday shirt, and the black shirt is his "dress up" that he goes out in at night! Recently we were in Mexico wearing the shirts & walking the beach, and a lady came up to us and said, "Pismodise, I know where that is!  Pismo Beach, Ca".  We just wanted to share our pleasure with your products!   Pismodise Fans from Arroyo Grande, CA

I have worn my Pismodise cap throughout Europe!  It leads to interesting conversations about Pismo Beach, CA and the paradise called "Pismodise". It's surprising how many people know Pismo Beach and the central California coast.  It's the beauty, the wine, the ocean...and now, PISMODISE..where Pismo Beach meets paradise!  We like it!   S. Lynch  K.C. Mo USA

I love Pismodise!  It's the passion, the lifestyle, the memories of Pismo Beach!
Paradise is in Pismo Beach, it's known as Pismodise! Erin D.




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